Apply for a 10,000 Degrees Childcare Scholarship

The question below will determine right off the bat whether the student will get sent to the initial application.

Childcare Scholarship - Mid-Year Review & Renewal Form
Please press the "Continue" button below to proceed to the Mid-Year Review & Renewal form. This form is for awardees who want to continue receiving childcare payments in the spring (January - May) and the next academic year.

If the next page of the application is blank, please do not continue with the application. Instead, please notify Stephanie Hamilton by email (
shamilton [at] or phone (415-451-4004).

This does not include attending a workshop or event hosted by 10,000 Degrees
Childcare Scholarship - Initial Applicant Form
Please press the "Continue" button below to proceed to the Childcare Scholarship form. This form is for new applicants who are not currently receiving childcare funds from 10,000 Degrees.
You have a 10KD Student ID. Please use our ID Retrieval form to try to find it using your email address.

10KDSID Results
The calculated field below is used so that if the field above that asks "What is your 10KD Student ID?" is blank, then we push over an "N" instead of a blank, which could match with some Contacts in our Salesforce.